Medical doctor warns Canadian govt. of Wind Turbine Syndrome

Sep 7, 2012


Editor’s note:  Read Dr. Sarah Laurie’s lengthy and thorough comments to the Health Canada Study being conducted by Canada’s federal government on Wind Turbine Syndrome.  Click here.  The following is Dr. Laurie’s cover letter.

Please find attached my comments on the proposed Health Canada Study.

“First do no harm” is an ancient tenet of medicine, which is of great relevance to this study.

I sincerely hope that the ethics of the study group’s medical professionals and acoustic/noise engineer are held paramount in the way the study is conducted, and in the choice of people performing the research.

I have grave reservations about the outcome of the proposed study, on both counts, if these considerations are not strictly adhered to, in addition to ensuring that those researchers are most appropriately qualified, experienced, and also free from political and ideological bias, or the protection of their vested interests.

To continue to ignore the obvious human suffering of Canadian rural citizens, and to fail to investigate the problems thoroughly, with the utmost scientific integrity, and with the most appropriate study design will be to continue to do serious harm to those who are relying on the responsible authorities to protect them.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Sarah Laurie


  1. Comment by preston mcclanahan on 09/07/2012 at 8:32 pm

    To everyone concerned about the disastrous effects of wind plants: I propose that a distinguished group of about three vocal and completely informed emissaries solicit a meeting with the next President and the sitting Governors of New England to inform on the futility and the dangers of the attempts to generate power from wind in terms of its productivity, its health risks, its effect on property equities, its non-reduction of CO2, its destruction of valuable flora and fauna, its waste of taxpayers money in subsidies that only enrich wind developers and investors, and the increase in consumer cost for electricity.

    Do I hear a seconding voice?

  2. Comment by johana on 09/08/2012 at 3:26 pm

    Sounds great! Go for it!

  3. Comment by Itasca Small on 09/12/2012 at 9:01 pm

    Sounds like a good plan to me. But, as I think of possible emissaries, I immediately find more than three names to suggest. How about 5 or 6, with the list of possibilities including at least:
    Dr. Nina Pierpont
    Dr. Sarah Laurie
    John Droz, jr
    Rick James
    Dr. Calvin Martin
    Robert Bryce
    Dr. Alec Salt
    Dr. Amanda Harry
    Michael McCann
    Dr. Carl V. Phillips

    I know there are others, but these come to my mind the fastest. Whatever the number, there must be a broad coverage of the scientific, technical, economic, real property, animal/bird life and environmental fields, along with the medical professionals, in order to present the Big Picture. There could be a Second Team of Experts ready to appear as witnesses with a coordinated plan covering all aspects of the insidious wind assault on life-as-we-know-it.

    In accordance with John Droz and his wise approach to the science first, we must overcome the brainwashing clouding the minds of the indoctrinated rendering them incapable of hearing the truth about the very real adverse health effects. We must first get their attention with the true science that proves wind is not the savior of the planet OR of any single locale!

    1. They must hear that the wind energy potential is forever shackled by the Laws of Physics; that the industry can NEVER rise above the dismal efficiencies that require all of its parasitic subsidization: Production Tax Credits, obscene end-user electrical rates, enslaving redistributive taxpayer funding, loan guarantees, grossly favorable tax structures, etc.

    2. They must hear that it is NOT just a matter of time before the technological problems are overcome and the industry will stand on its own! That will never happen. They could build them as tall as space elevators, and the industry would still not stand on its own! (The television program, “Turbine Cowboys,” reveals just how costly it is to build and maintain the wind monsters.)

    3. They must hear that real science shows we are foolishly investing precious resources in an industry that will NEVER suddenly sprout wings and provide the world with limitless power for pennies – nor reduce CO2 emissions – and will NEVER save the planet from real or fictitious man-made global warming.

    Show them the science first, then they will be more able to hear the economic/tax subsidy truth and the property value/tax rate truth. ONLY THEN will the more honest among them be more ready to hear the truth of the human and animal sacrifices they are aiding and abetting by blindly supporting the Wind Invasion of Planet Earth. THEY DO NOT CARE about these sacrifices as long as they believe wind will save the planet!

    But, those who fight against the wind, must also accept the fact that greater setbacks are not the answer. We cannot prevail until we all accept the truth: science just doesn’t justify the industry sited anywhere – not even Space, because the costs would still be prohibitive! (And, if you think the oceans are the answer, you may want to read Ivan Buxton’s 2006 paper on the effects of infrasound on land AND water-based creatures!)

    Proponents instantly recognize NIMBYism; knowing that it is an acknowledgement that wind is the answer to saving the planet, they reject any argument that says, “I have a right to my own little island free of the monsters, but you can put them in someone else’s backyard.” In their minds, wherever the industry decrees a viable site, they must be allowed to put them, regardless of who’s backyard it may be, and a NIMBY is an enemy who doesn’t care about saving the planet from the omnipotent ravages of humankind. Hence, they have no time for NIMBYs.

    We must take up the call for, “All of the Sensible!” (Thank you, John Droz, jr.)

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