Wind Turbine Syndrome “support chapters”: A proposal

Sep 6, 2012



—Marshall Rosenthal

Victims of “green group-think” need now to form support chapters. In communities around the world.  Let them borrow from the formats of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Quaker meetings before them.

They could create regional councils, such as the three towns of Falmouth, Plymouth, and Kingston, MA, while keeping their doors open to folks from Fairhaven, Duxbury, Woods Hole, and beyond. They might take turns having their meetings in a different town each week. (There’s something to be said for the “floating crap game”!)

They could share, first-hand, their life experiences under the wind turbines. They would cement their resolve and trust and compassion to unite and design effective strategies to turn back “Mother Green and her hysteria-machine” which destroys anyone who tries to stand in its way or, simply, any resident who is unfortunate to live in its proximity.

They should document their conversations and share them with the world via YouTube and any and all the Internet-supported media. Their conversations would become the basis for legal testimony to be heard in the courts and congresses of the world.

Let the people restore a healthful world for their children to grow and thrive in. May the “Precautionary Principle” and the Hippocratic Oath always guide them:  “Do no harm!”

Editor’s note: “Marsh” (as he prefers to be called) has added the following addendum. If you wish to participate in the First Falmouth Conference on Human Rights—and I hope you do, and I can assure you Nina Pierpont will ask to participate—then correspond directly with Marsh at or Dave Moriarty at

Oh Calvin, what a lovely surprise to find this published on your website! Now, I can tell what we have been doing. We are Dave Moriarty, of West Falmouth, MA, and myself, a NYC transplant into the rurals of the Berkshires.

We have created the Falmouth Committee on Human Rights. The FCHR is organizing the First Falmouth Conference on Human Rights and Dave has stepped up to become the Acting Coordinator of this effort. Yesterday, Dave reserved the Meeting Room of the Main Branch of the Falmouth Public Library, which can seat 192 persons, for the location of the Falmouth Conference.

The date of the event is Saturday, November 10, from 1-4 PM.

The format for the conference will be the hosting of the most powerful panel of experts we can recruit, who will be asked to present their best information relating to what we have identified as one of the greatest threats to the world citizenry in our time: Industrial Wind Power.

We are working to assemble credentialed experts in medicine and epidemiology, engineering and acoustics, economics and government, artists and poets, and bona fide victims of the wind power scourge, to gather and to converse, and to seek strategies that they can bring back to their communities, so the precious quality of life, the very pursuit of peace and happiness can be assured for generations to come.

We mean business! This is not just “nice dreams.” Public officials, like the Chairperson of the Falmouth Board of Health, may use our podium to declare a Health Emergency in the Town of Falmouth, MA, and ORDER THE TWO TOWN-OWNED WIND TURBINES TO BE SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY, or she can read in the newspapers about how she failed in her sworn duty to the wind turbine victims of Falmouth. (Be a hero/heroine or be a craven fink. Your choice!)

We are asking folks from neighboring sister towns and from any and every place in the world to join us, in person, or via Skype—a wonderful electronic communication medium that will bring people from anywhere around the world into our Meeting Room.

Just think, on that splendid day we will all be able to see and speak with each other! What bliss!

The idea of a vast interacting network of wind power victim support groups combining the brilliance and greatness of heart of the best people of the world cannot fail! We must do these things for our children.

If you wish to participate in this endeaver or receive more information, please write to Dave Moriarty, Acting Coord. at

  1. Comment by Anne on 09/06/2012 at 5:58 pm

    Sounds like a good way to use all of our knowledge we were forced to obtain with the threat of these monsters.

  2. Comment by preston mcclanahan on 09/06/2012 at 8:10 pm

    Anyone who does not know the destructive “obsolecency” of the less-than-meager power from wind is either on the dole from the wind industry or obsessively opportunistically taking advantage of the unknowing of others, or plainly believes in pie in the sky.

    An educated electorate is the basis of our healthy democracy. Power from wind was obsolete a hundred and fifty years ago. Since some people have forgotten, thus all of us are victims of the most colossal swindle in the everlasting tradition of the old-time American snake-oil hawkers.

    The remedy? Praise the Lord and pass the information!


  3. Comment by sue Hobart on 09/07/2012 at 11:05 am

    Let’s do it! As soon as my house is ready I can host—away from the effects of the turbines!

  4. Comment by Thy Zeeteronomous on 09/07/2012 at 5:56 pm

    Marsh, I see your principled opposition to craven finkhood remains as vigorous as ever. Give ’em hell, mon ami!

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