“Kiss a mountain on the mouth”: A response to Big Wind blowing up mountains (Maine)

Jan 17, 2013


Editor’s note:  The following is a reply to a group of spirited “Down Easters” in the State of Maine, who are planning some “direct action” against the Big Wind juggernaut which has Maine by the throat.  They are provisionally calling it, Operation Dirty Laundry.  Beyond that, I reveal no more.

Bravo! Now you guys are “cookin’”! Operation Dirty Laundry! Yes!

Here’s a good rule of thumb to follow with wind energy: “What would Dr. Martin Luther King do?” Alternatively, what would Nelson Mandela have done? Or even Gandhi? Or Margaret Mead?

Maine. Maine is holy stone. Kiss a mountain on the mouth. Maine is holy water. Kiss a river and kiss a lake—on the mouth. Maine is holy forest. Kiss a spruce and white pine and hemlock and aspen—on the mouth. Maine is holy loons. Kiss a loon. On the mouth. Maine is holy seacoast. Kiss a Maine seacoast on the mouth.

Maine is not your goddam governor, Dept of Environmental Protection Commissioner, state legislators, congressmen, or US senators. These people are not the custodians of loons seacoast mountains rivers lakes forest marshland moose chickadees ravens or, for that matter, beavers. Nobody is their custodian! They belong to . . . themselves. Mankind in Maine (and everywhere else on earth) is merely a guest, a beneficiary, an applauding spectator.

This fly fisherman is not a “tourist,” here.
He is a guest of this river, of these fish,
of these forests and this very air.

Once you understand the above principles, you are on the road to real life and real success. We the People are guests, here. And the governor DEP commissioner legislature congressmen and, for that matter, US senators, are all the hired help for We the People. (Public servants! Remember that phrase?)

Why else are you folks . . . alive? Why else am I . . . alive? To drag my aging carcass through another 25 years? (I turn 65 in a few weeks.) Hell no! To applaud and be a good guest of This Good Earth—which begins with Maine. Which begins with NY State. Which begins with New Hampshire Vermont Kansas New Mexico California Alaska Ontario Nova Scotia—and so forth.

Let us not be victims of an illusion, after all; let us not think these “state” names mean a goddam thing in the Real World, in the Real Earth, in Real Humanity and Humanness. They are fictions. My life is not a fiction, however. Nor is yours. Those Maine mountains hemlocks white pines aspens moose beaver otter lakes rivers ponds seacoasts loons osprey hummingbirds blueberries—none of these are fictions. They’re as real as “real” gets.

What’s phony is: corporations bureaucrats guys with hard hats bulldozers earth movers tree pulverizers dynamite to blow up ridgelines lawyers guys with badges public meetings town boards public service commissions—and all that. Bogus, all. Inventions, all. Diversions from truth and all that really matters.

Fuck global warming!  I’m more concerned at the moment with how Big Natural Gas is fucking over the earth with “hydrofracking” and how Big Wind is fucking over the earth and sea and all that dwell therein with wind turbines—all in the name of “preventing” global warming!  If this farce were not so tragic, it would be hilarious!

  1. Comment by Sherri on 01/17/2013 at 6:21 pm


    Thanks, Calvin!

  2. Comment by Anonymous on 01/17/2013 at 7:04 pm

    Spectacular reminder, especially since the residents of Clarksburg, MA, who drink surface runnoff spring water from the municipal spring and others who collect it in cisterns will be drinking the spilled turbine oil of a ninety five gallon leak from a big turbine on Bakke Mountain. No one seems to be interested in lifting a finger to prevent this disaster.

    Not the MassDEP nor the federal EPA nor the local newspaper, all of whom have received photos of the oil pool.

    Am I the only one whose hair is on fire?

    Could it be that this is Pres. Obama’s and Gov. Deval Patrick’s pet “wind farm” and nobody, including the Surgeon General, is willing to make a peep?

    Meanwile the people of Florida and Clarksburg and God knows where else are getting sick with WTS, but who cares?

    What bastards they all are!

  3. Comment by sue Hobart on 05/29/2013 at 9:09 pm

    you got it…. we turbine neighbors and refugees and dead mountaintops and dying souls are simply the slaves mining the gold to mint up Duvall Patrick and the Obaminations big heavy green GOD badges… they care not where or how the Gold is gained, simply that it is theirs to wear.

    There is a special hell reserved for them… In the meantime they expect us to stay quiet. Good luck with that you shamefull tyrants. We will be vindicated one day…
    Unfortunately I doubt I will still be alive when that day comes…

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