“Wind power works great, if . . .”

Mar 28, 2013



Jim Wiegand, Naturalist (California)

Just remember, wind power works great if you are being paid to sell it.

Wind power works great if politicians can help the wind industry food-chain steal tax credits from taxpayers and then turn around and reward them again with carbon credits.

Wind power works great if ridding the world of species like whooping cranes and eagles is not a concern.

Wind power works great in PowerPoint presentations, animated clips, and sappy commercials.

Wind power works great if you would rather see an industrial landscape over god-given beauty and productive ecosystems.

Wind power is fantastic if your goal is to waste time and resources on a non-solution to society’s energy needs.

But wind power works best of all when Democracy takes a back seat to an assembly-line of corruption allowing outsiders to plunder and pillage communities.

I would take any other energy source over wind.

It is essential that people realize that no energy source comes anywhere close to killing as many raptors as wind energy does. No other energy companies are allowed to pick up bodies of rare and protected species from around their production sites on a day-to-day basis, year-in and year-out. No other energy producer has a several-thousand-mile mortality footprint (the highly endangered whooping cranes’ migratory corridor), like what wind energy has.

Wind is not clean energy. It is nothing but a filthy, disgusting excuse to bleed taxpayers.


  1. Comment by Pat Rogers on 03/28/2013 at 6:56 pm

    Excellent commentary!

  2. Comment by Tom Whitesell on 03/29/2013 at 1:31 am

    Industrial Wind Power seems like a bargain. According to Scientific American (Sept. 12, 2012), “Wind turbines on land and offshore could readily provide more than four times the power that the world as a whole currently uses.” And, “Four million turbines spread around the globe could easily and sustainably produce 7.5 terawatts of power, or nearly half of all power used today.”

    Just think, for about $12 trillion dollars, we could erect enough turbines to cut all electric needs in half; all this without closing down any existing mined-fuel power plants, or reducing our petroleum dependence at all, or in any way diminishing our astonishing, escalating production of greenhouse gasses. We could create a huge number of jobs for people who are willing to ruin the environment and each others’ health for temporary work. And within a few years, spend the money all over again as the equipment degrades and needs to be replaced. WOW!

  3. Comment by Pauline on 03/31/2013 at 9:53 pm

    Tom Whitesell, Genius,

    A Brilliant Comment !!!!!!!!

    The above comment by Tom should become the definitive “standard billboard” size anti-wind advertisement that “every” city, town or village should adopt, use, erect, post, frame, sing, shout, cry and plaster big, loud and clear … when Big Wind comes a knocking!

  4. Comment by gail on 04/02/2013 at 3:25 pm

    Yes, Big Wind has just knocked up another installation near Verona in Italy. I was shocked as we drove past; it wasn’t there at Christmas! I feel for the people who live in the vicinity when it finally goes into operation. It’s not only a massive eyesore.

    This installation seems to have been a cloak and dagger operation, no knocking on people’s doors and no publicity. That may be the new strategy. As I don’t live in Verona I can’t tell, but…

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