“I feel Art gave his life the other night” (Maine)

Feb 2, 2011


Editor’s note:  As many of our readers know, a week ago Art Lindgren suffered a major heart attack while presenting at a board meeting of the Fox Islands Electric Cooperative (Vinalhaven, Maine).  Bystanders revived him and he was airlifted to a mainland hospital.

Art is home now and his heart is recovering.  So writes Cheryl, his wife.

Nevertheless, the stress and heartache ominously remain.  Though discharged from the hospital, Art is not recovering from the cause of his misery:  the Wind Turbine Syndrome that has, in Cheryl’s words, destroyed their lives.

That remains, 24/7. “‘You can feel the pressure on your chest,’ said Lindgren’s wife, Cheryl, as she thumped a hand against her body.” Which means, of course, Art’s heart remains a ticking time bomb.

Art & Cheryl undoubtedly know it’s just a matter of time.

We dedicate this posting to George Baker, CEO of Fox Islands Wind—the developer behind the turbines tormenting the Lindgrens.  We dedicate it with the hope Mr. Baker and his colleagues will weigh carefully the pleas of neighbors like the Lindgrens and Wylies and others.

George Baker, CEO Fox Islands Wind

Dear WTS.com,

Thanks so much for your concern. We are home. Art’s chest is very sore from the compressions that saved his life, bruised from the angioplasty that cleared out yet another clogged vein/artery but incredibly grateful to feel anything.

I am, today, finally breaking down, searching for the next step. While we were in the hospital we heard that another neighbor, a woman in her late seventies (who has been battling heart problems and, although she supports us and was part of the Nissenbaum study, has not been active in the group to avoid stress) was flown off the island with spiking blood pressure issues.

There are others living under the turbines that have heart problems.

Now, I know there are people saying that Art had heart problems to begin with, but we moved here in 2000 to begin a new life—a recuperation after Art was put on disability from his company.

For nine years we built our house, slowly (still happening), and our quality of life grew and grew.

After fifteen months of life under the turbines everything has been destroyed.

I feel that Art gave his life the other night. He died for these issues, for trying to bring light to the truth. It was luck and grace that the efforts to bring him back were successful.

How many other people are suffering silently? How long will it take for the right “agencies” to see what is happening? Why are we being treated like lab rats?

I’m sorry if it appears I’m rambling or venting; I hope you understand. I just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts.

Cheryl Lindgren (1/29/11)

  1. Comment by Sharon on 02/02/2011 at 9:13 pm

    I hear you and it all makes sense to me as I live less than 1500 ft from the Falmouth one on Blacksmith Shop Rd. My blood pressure has been reading higher since the visits to my doctors
    after the monster was placed.

    I have numerous health issues which have increased after April 30th, 2010. I kept a sleep log and when I asked to compare the rotation speeds with my disruptive sleep, the Town of Falmouth said “yes….but we want $168 for the copies”.

    I could not then or now afford the cost. It is the government that is slowly draining those who need, not want, to fight for our lives and sanity.

    I would love to have the power to place just one near to the man you referenced here…Mr. Baker. That would be a wake up call. It is the only way these idiots will be able to understand the damage and havoc they have created.

    In the meantime, prayers are sent your way from one who empathizes.


    Sharon Eddy

  2. Comment by Anonymous on 02/02/2011 at 9:29 pm

    Dear Ms. Lindgren,

    I am so sorry to hear of your husband’s ill health. Although I do not know you, I think I understand the heartache, pain and frustration you live with. I lived under the turbines for a year and a half. I have suffered health issues that are serious and permanent. I am very devastated. I am very hurt and so angry.

    I wish strength, health and the best for both of you.



  3. Comment by Brad Blake, Cape Elizabeth, ME on 02/02/2011 at 10:39 pm

    Dear Art & Cheryl,

    Godspeed to you both. As another warrier against industrial wind with poor heart health, I pray for Art’s recovery from this incident. I fear for your health (both of you), as each day passes, condemned to living with the stress of the turbines. Beautiful, unique, and special Vinalhaven, turned into Hell for you. That truly is a crime.

    Keep up the good fight, you and the Fox Islands Neighbors, and I will keep on fighting against this scourge everywhere it threatens Maine.

    All the Best,

    Brad Blake

  4. Comment by Johana on 02/02/2011 at 11:08 pm

    To Art and Cheryl,

    All the best in your recovery.

    Your Higher Power is looking after you because you are needed for a long while yet.

    The best revenge is to be UNLIKE HIM who performed the injury.

  5. Comment by Vinalhaven Native on 02/03/2011 at 2:10 pm

    Glad to hear Art is back on the island and is making a strong recovery.

    The ‘bystander’ listed above who helped save Art’s life is not just a ‘bystander,’ but a member of the Fox Islands Electric Coop Board.

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