No sleep (Fairfield, NY)

Apr 9, 2011


Click anywhere on the radio, below, for an interview with Carolyn Riesel, Fairfield, NY, as she describes what life is like under the turbines.

Click here for the Save Sauquoit Views website.

  1. Comment by Mike H. (United Kingdom) on 04/10/2011 at 8:32 am

    Yet another harrowing story! Carolyn, if you see this, please get in-touch at

    We have been working hard and with some success for over 5 years to get regulations in place for curbing the noise immissions and would welcome more details of your circumstances, i.e., maps of turbine locations and neighbours, times of greatest noise disturbance, pictures of the surroundings, etc.

    Please get in-touch. See our website,



    Editor’s comment: Mike, I don’t have Carolyn’s email address, otherwise I would send her your request. I suggest you contact her through the group she represents, Save Sauquoit Views.

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