“Smoke, mirrors & public deceit” (Australia)

Nov 8, 2011


“Smoke, mirrors and public deceit”

Press Release


Senator John Madigan
(Australia Federal Senate)

Questioning of the Department of Health and Aging during Senate Estimates last week cast great doubt over the legitimacy of positioning wind farms in rural areas and the wind energy conglomerates which recommended them.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) was questioned about its decision to wait to correct its statement “There is currently no published scientific evidence to positively link wind turbines with adverse health effects,” to the public until May 2012.

Senator Madigan said the council’s lack of urgency on matters of public health was nothing short of abuse. “The Government is knowingly doing harm to its citizens by ignoring recent findings. This is against public policy.”

“There is plenty of published scientific evidence and recent health reports that link industrial wind turbines and the serious health effects of living too close to them. This evidence is being ignored as it does not sit with the current political agenda.”

“I personally know it has terrible health effects. I have people coming to my electoral office who are suffering the effects of wind farms being too close to their homes. They are in tears, distraught and feel that their health is simply being ignored.”

“Residents have had wind farms built too close to their homes and as a result have had to leave their properties to protect their health.”

“These wind farms are destroying the lives and the health of so many Australians—lives the government has a duty to protect.”

“It should not be up to members of the public who have been driven out of house and home to prove to the Government that wind farms are making them ill. The onus should be on the multimillion dollar companies to prove that there are no adverse health effects.”

“Serious health concerns were raised by health professionals in submissions to the Senate Inquiry into the Social and Economic Impact of Rural wind Farms.”

“It appears the overwhelming majority of submissions to the inquiry were simply ignored. The inquiry received more than 1000 submissions and made only seven recommendations—none of which have seen the light of day.”

“The next time the Senate sits I will be demanding for either that inquiry to be re-opened, or another inquiry opened to look at the health and safety impacts of these wind farms.”

Senator John Madigan:  
A man in high public office with integrity, common sense, and balls!

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Canberra: Suite S1.24, Parliament House, Canberra. TEL: 02 6277 3473

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  1. Comment by Marsh Rosenthal on 11/08/2011 at 6:26 pm

    If you thought that Australia was governed by an enlightened democracy you must now realize that you were mistaken. What you are in the presence of is a structural democracy that has entirely sold out to corporate interests and initiatives, the public health be damned.


  2. Comment by Barry Bridgeford on 01/05/2013 at 2:20 pm

    It’s the same here in Ontario, Canada. The provincial premier adopted ‘Green Energy’ as his economic and environmental solution to the province’s problems. After years in office, the debt is up, electricity rates are up and ‘thousands of green jobs’ never materialized. A multitude of rural residents’ wellbeing has been trashed by the IWT’s of his ‘green ideology’. Science reports, health studies and citizens’ rights are ‘denied’, and the party line is all-powerful. The news media cowers to the party and mega-dollars continue to flow from the public purse to the IWT entrepreneurs!

    I’m starting to think the only way the tide can be turned is if someone produced easily transported “inaudible infrasound generators” which were then directed at the legislature, newspaper offices and the homes of politicians … giving them all a taste of what’s happening to their rural victims.

    70 decibels of health-wrecking unfiltered infrasound bouncing around in their homes and places of work! Remember, that’s not 7/4’s of 40 decibels of ‘A-filtered’ audible sound! No, for each 3 decibel increase, the compression energy approximately doubles. So, 70 decibels actually contains approximately 1,000 times the compression energy of 40 decibels. That’s real OOMMPPHH!

    And how could they complain? After all, they’ve dismissed infrasound as irrelevant and mere ‘nimbyism’. Too bad it takes gigantic spinning blades to produce that kind of infrasound!

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