Can’t sleep at night because of Wind Turbine Syndrome?

Apr 5, 2013


WTS keeping you awake at night?  The wind company won’t believe you?  The govt. won’t believe you?  Are you forced to spend nights in a hotel?


Your solution may lie in the picture, below.  If you live in Canada or another country with free medical care (not really “free”; it’s paid for by taxes), consider checking into—not a hotel room—but a hospital and spending the night snoozing in a hospital bed.  Free!

After all, you’re sick, right?  You’ve probably got vibrations going on inside, perhaps a headache & nausea, and you awaken in the night in a panic—all classic WTS symptoms.  When you’re sick, do you . . . check into a hotel?  No!  You get admitted to a hospital!

Do this whenever you’re suffering from WTS at night.  If enough WTS victims do this, by golly the government might start taking you seriously.

This clever solution was suggested by Jackie, below.  Consider it as a form of civil disobedience.

hospital bed

My heart goes out to all WTS victims.  I fear that very soon I will live the same tragic experiment.

Recently, an Industrial Wind Turbine project leader asked, “If WTS is a problem, then why aren’t our hospitals full of these so-called sick people?”  Our anger & discussions led to a “lightbulb” moment.  Fortunately, we have a national healthcare system in Canada.  I urge all victims to go to your local hospital, to get a good night’s sleep.  The nurses might wake you up occasionally to take your temperature, but this would be better than spending your hard-earned tax dollars on a hotel room.

If they won’t do health studies, then a regular trip to the hospital, several nights in a row, may make them pay attention.



  1. Comment by Tracy on 04/05/2013 at 12:18 pm

    Our health care is not as great as you may think it to be in Canada. Just this morning I heard on the news—the average wait time for a patient to be assigned a bed at our local hospital is 24 hours. Unless you are having a stroke or a heart attack you will be left to sit in the waiting room of the emergency dept.

    Triage will place those who go to the hospital because they cannot sleep at home low on the list of patients.

    Late last fall I was diagnosed with an aneurysm on an artery in my brain. Because I lived for a year and a half in my home which is surrounded by 18 IWT’s within 3 km, I suspect the exposure to infrasound and low frequency noise (ILFN)may be the cause. My case is considered “semi-urgent.” I have been waiting and finally see a neurosurgeon to find out my options on Monday.

    Turbines were fairly new in Ontario. I have been dealing with this nightmare since 2008. I was told by the government, living close to turbines will not negatively impact your health. We now know better. It almost killed me. I have not completely recovered and don’t know what to expect in the future.

    My advice: Leave your home at all costs! Just do it! ILFN can kill. I have lost many neighbors due to illness—heart and diabetes-related and effects from ILFN, and suicide. I spent many nights sleeping in my vehicle in the winter. I spent most of my time at my place of employment. Life is not as it should be. The government and wind industry are well aware of my situation and have done absolutely nothing to help me or others in the same predicament.

    The following is the most recent idiotic story I have heard regarding the effects of IWT’s and ILFN:

    One of my older neighbors developed dementia. At three oclock one morning, she was found driving her car in a town close by her home. She was disoriented and did not know where she was. Her son placed her in a nursing home. I recently saw her at a public function. She was doing much better and seemed to have her wits about her. Since she has moved away from the turbines, her health has improved. A response to my observation was, “She was not eating a healthy diet and taking care of herself as she should when she was at home!”
    Bull crap!

    For the record, my illness has cost our health care system thousands of dollars.

  2. Comment by Melodie Burkett on 04/05/2013 at 12:49 pm

    This is a brilliant strategy! Just walk through the emerg doors and say, “Help…dizzy…having panic attacks. I am crying all the time because I have not slept in months. Having mood swings…my ears are ringing.” Tell them the whole enchilada!

    Another idea in the same vein might be to walk into your mayor’s office or lobby, around closing time, and tell them you can’t afford respite care in a retirement home, or even a 2-star seedy motel in town! Tell them you brought your own bedding and a big water bowl for your dog and that you will be staying overnight on their couch or chair or floor. Tell them you have paid your taxes since “you know Who was a cowboy” and taxes on booze, gas and even toilet paper (not to mention the million you paid in capital gains tax), so you feel completely entitled to get some sleep in your pre-paid municipal office.

    By the way, it is not pushing the envelope to say (nicely as possible), “Since you folks haven’t done a whole lot for me lately… Darlin,… would you mind bringing me a small double double coffee and a toasted bagel with 1/2 cream cheese around 7:00am…Thanks. Don’t worry, we will leave by eight for work then back to sleep here again at 10:00pm…just leave the key under ‘our’ municipal mat!” The mayor can phone the police to have you removed but he (she) may be smart enough to figure out that police means press…The ball is in his court, now, isn’t it?

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