“Wanted: Five acres to bury dead birds” (Michigan)

Mar 27, 2013



Editor’s note:  Since posting this, I have corresponded with the writer, Ella. She has given me the specific, blow-by-blow details of her claim that a wind company employee indeed approached a local resident, inquiring about renting 5 acres to use as a surreptitious burial site—for turbine-slaughtered birds. The resident declined. I will take the matter further and, if given permission by Ella and her associates, will reveal more. Suffice it to say, for now, that I have verified the accuracy of her claim—to my satisfaction, at least.  (See my earlier comment, at the bottom of this posting.)

—Ella (last name withheld)

Need some cash, anyone? (Sarcasm!)

In Gilford Township, Michigan, 75 newly installed turbines that went on line in December 2012 are looking to rent 5 acres to bury birds.

They are trying to install 3000 IWT in the Thumb of Michigan, which is rated as the 3rd best agricultural soil on this planet.

“Please Lord Jesus, help us all!”  Why do these farmers not realize their soil is Black Gold, the Saudi Arabia of soils on the planet?

I can only pray someone will read this. I can only pray someone will document the slaughter in Gilford. I can only pray this madness stops.

owl 3

Editor’s note:  Some readers are contacting me privately and wondering why I posted this, with nothing more than this woman’s “say so.”  I don’t want to dismiss her claim out of hand. It’s an intelligently written comment, and the remainder of it seems sound. I have contacted her for clarification.

My gut leads me to credit, more or less, this kind of statement. Largely because it’s obvious birds are getting whacked. It’s also clear that bodies are being hidden. What’s surprising is not (a) birds being slaughtered, or (b) an effort made at “cover-up.” What’s novel is the company passing the word around that it needs a burial site. There is so much chicanery by wind developers (“chicanery” is putting it politely: These people are pathological liars), that I’m gonna assume this woman’s right till proven wrong.

Incidentally, there is nothing to say the wind company intends to “fill” 5 acres with birds.  Be that as it may, I’ll be interested to hear the writer’s reply to my request for more information.

  1. Comment by Jim Wiegand on 03/28/2013 at 2:32 pm

    Just remember, wind power works great if you are being paid to sell it.

    Wind power works great if politicians can help the wind industry food-chain steal tax credits from taxpayers and then turn around and reward them again with carbon credits.

    Wind power works great if ridding the world of species like whooping cranes and eagles is not a concern.

    Wind power works great in PowerPoint presentations, animated clips, and sappy commercials.

    Wind power works great if you would rather see an industrial landscape over god-given beauty and productive ecosystems.

    Wind power is fantastic if your goal is to waste time and resources on a non-solution to society’s energy needs.

    But wind power works best of all when Democracy takes a back seat to an assembly-line of corruption allowing outsiders to plunder and pillage communities.

    I would take any other energy source over wind.
    It is essential that people realize that no energy source comes anywhere close to killing as many raptors as wind energy does. No other energy companies are allowed to pick up bodies of rare and protected species from around their production sites on a day-to-day basis, year-in and year-out. No other energy producer has a several thousand mile mortality foot print (the highly endangered whooping cranes’ migratory corridor), like what wind energy has.

    Wind is not clean energy. It is nothing but a filthy, disgusting excuse to bleed taxpayers.

  2. Comment by Ella on 03/29/2013 at 7:56 am

    To the readers here: For clarification, I was totally surprised when Mr. Martin posted my comment as a free-standing post.

    As I read his explanation and the fact he was getting messages asking why he would do that with no absolute proof, just on my “say so,” I asked myself how could one get actual documentation? Would not the answer be, “You can’t”? Would a wind company actually put out an ad in any local paper or send flyers to land-owners asking for land to bury birds? I think not.

    And here’s why it’s impossible to have solid concrete evidence. Because during this madness in communities around the world, the first thing that happens is fear. Fear of being sued by Big Wind with their lease-holders standing in the back, egging them to help bring so-called revenue to the community.

    As we all know, these leases have been signed ever so slyly years in advance before the community even hears a whisper about these projects. In my community, the leases were signed in 2008 and we did not know about this until early 2012. How did we find out? Community “say so,” with community members pointing out what was going on in other townships that most community members just do not travel to on a daily or sometimes yearly basis. There are lease-holders here that have regretted already what they have done and they see the devastation that has encroached upon the adjoining townships. They also realize their hands are now tied. No words can they speak, no action can they take, no back-pedal to use on that shiny new bike. No refunds, no returns.

    If you would have told me two years ago that I would be fighting for my property, my rights as a simple homeowner, my life as I know it, I would have said, “What you talkin’ about, Willis”?

    So, here’s a quote from someone, and I trust their “say so.” I also respect their right not to publicly state the “say so” because of fear of having to deal with possible repercussions of a public statement.

    They went to a participating land-owner in Gilford township and asked him to rent the 5 acres. I do not know if he rented the land to them.”

    Sincerely, with all the strength I can muster at this time,


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