This man thinks WTS research is worth pursuing (Harvard Med. School)

Sep 17, 2011


Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Some weeks ago I sent an email to this man.  Dr. Nelson Kiang.

Professor Nelson Yuan-Sheng Kiang, PhD
Harvard Univ. School of Medicine

Why did I write him?  Because Dr. Alec Salt, at the Washington Univ. School of Medicine, had given a paper at Harvard Medical School in April of this year on his research pertaining to Wind Turbine Syndrome.  Salt’s presentation focused on the role of the mammalian cochlea under infrasonic stimulation similar to that generated by wind turbines.

It turns out that Dr. Kiang was in the audience.  At the end of Salt’s presentation, Kiang raised his hand and said something to the effect that the (inner ear) vestibular organs were likely involved, as well.  (Those of you who have read Dr. Pierpont’s book, “Wind Turbine Syndrome,” will immediately recognize this as her main thesis.)

Anyhow, Dr. Kiang wrote back to me last week, with the following observation.

There isn’t much [research? literature?] on  the specific involvement of the human vestibular system in WTS. However, there is every reason to pursue the idea [emphasis added].

He closed by inviting Dr. Pierpont to discuss this further, when he returns early next month (October) from a trip abroad.  (She will do so.)

Now, take a look at this man’s credentials.  This is precisely how he listed them below his name in his email.  Compare these creds to those of the wind salesmen who brazenly assure their audiences, “Wind Turbine Syndrome?!  Complete rubbish!  Merely an invention by Pierpont and other screwballs.”

While you’re at it, compare Kiang’s credentials to all the people who wrote the farcical AWEA-CanWEA rebuttal to Pierpont.

Eaton-Peabody Professor (Emeritus)
Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professor of Physiology (Emeritus)
Department of Otology and Laryngology
Harvard Medical School

Founding and Former Director
Eaton-Peabody Laboratory,
Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

Neurophysiologist (Emeritus)
Neurology Service
Massachusetts General Hospital

Founding and Former Director
Speech and Hearing Sciences Graduate Program
Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology

Lastly, compare Kiang’s credentials to those of the “expert panel” convened by the Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection and the Dept. of Public Health to look into the credibility of WTS.

Notice, two of them have PhD’s in Mechanical Engineering—real relevant to clinical medicine, huh?  A third member has a PhD in Biochemistry—likewise totally irrelevant.  That’s 3, right off the bat, with non-starter credentials.

Two of the remainder are junior faculty—assistant professors, hoping to get tenure—which means they’re not likely to stick their necks out on such a politically charged issue.

Dora Mills, MD, MPH

The cherry on top of this weird confection is Dr. Dora Mills, former commissioner of health for the State of Maine.  In that capacity Dr. Mills demonstrated her disdain for Pierpont’s work and other relevant research.  (Additional relevant research?  Click here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.  None of this seemed to make a dent on the 10-fingered commissioner.)

When this gang issues its report, what do you bet it will be at best a whitewash and at worst a total rejection of Wind Turbine Syndrome?  Either way, wind turbines will continue to be built in Mass., cheek-by-jowl to people’s homes.

But I digress.  Back to Dr. Kiang.  Why does Big Wind and its hireling physicians and junk scientists maintain just the opposite:  “There is no reason to pursue research on WTS”?  (Click here and here.)

Do you smell something “fishy”—as in, “these people are practicing fraudulent medicine and science”?  Is it for the sake of the wet dream of “saving the world from global warming by means of infrasound-generating pinwheels all over the place”?  Or is it that in combination with the fat consultant fees they garner?

Both explanations are plausible, even probable.

If these people were ever genuine physicians (Hippocratic Oath:  “Do no harm”) and bona fide scientists at some point in their careers, they certainly are not, now.  (Science pursues real evidence and real truth—truth that is sometimes as screamingly obvious and as politically inconvenient as Wind Turbine Syndrome.  Science is not led by wishful thinking pumped up by consultant fees, research grants, and academic advancement.)

With thanks to the artist, Nate Owens

  1. Comment by Marsh Rosenthal on 09/17/2011 at 10:33 pm

    clapping hands

  2. Comment by Melodie Burkett (Ontario, Canada) on 09/18/2011 at 1:47 am

    Go get em Tiger! Perhaps Dr. Kiang can expose these fraudsters…. Bastards.

  3. Comment by Karen Bessey Pease (Kaz), Maine on 09/18/2011 at 1:55 am

    Thank you for posting these words of hope. There will come a day—very soon—when Dr. Pierpont is lauded by the medical community instead of vilified by the corporate wind lobby.

    I know you will continue to keep us informed. As well, please don’t hesitate to ask if there is anything I can do to help from here. Mainers are holding out hope that medical professionals will step up to the plate and speak out for their patients. Some are beginning to, but they need support from the medical community, at large.

    One positive note: On Thursday, Maine’s Board of Environmental Protection voted to enact more stringent sound levels for wind turbines. Finally, a state agency has recognized that there are health and quality of life issues from wind turbine noises.

    Thanks again for all you do.


  4. Comment by Kerry B. Kenney on 09/19/2011 at 1:32 pm

    One of the most used ideas that frauds use, is “You can fool most of the people some of the time, but you can fool some of the people all of the time.”

    I think this is one idea that “most of the people” need to reach out and the people that are being blinded by ones trying to kill the American economy by using the guise of “Saving the Earth”!

    This is a greedy money issue that villains are using to feed off of the public that are trying to put food on their table.

  5. Comment by Thelma on 01/10/2012 at 2:37 pm

    I have much admiration and respect for both yourself and Dr. Pierpont. Thank you so much. The “screwballs” should be stripped of their titles—for starters.

    For those who are still skeptical and those who are just simply stupid, let me provide a story of enlightenment:

    I am in bed today. I won’t say “home in bed” because, as you are aware, it is not my home. I am not able to live at my home because it is surrounded by 18 industrial wind turbines, within a three kilometer radius, the closest one being four hundred meters behind my house. I am not able to live there because I have become very ill due to turbine low frequencies.

    The place I am staying, although it’s six kms away from the turbines, is NOT far enough away. I am again looking for somewhere to stay. As Dr. Laurie has stated, at least ten kms are required, to be safe.

    I left and slept elsewhere last night, a place farther away from the turbines. I will again be sleeping at this place tonight.

    I have again experienced another “pseudo-heart attack,” hence my being in bed today.

    I returned to work yesterday with elevated blood pressure and a piercing headache. Tinnitus is almost constant. The previous ten days I was on Christmas break, spending much time n bed—four complete consecutive days and then some.

    My fragile state of health has cost thousands of dollars in medical fees.

    Aside from health issues, I still carry the mortgage, pay the taxes and other bills associated with insurance, hydroelectric,, etc. on a place that is deemed toxic, where I can no longer live or sell, while renting another place to stay and busting my butt in my ill state of health.

    This is outrageous to say the least. What continues to carry on is insane, criminal, inhumane.

    Many in my community experience the same: suffering, (yes) dying, leaving their homes. This is a state of emergency and should be recognized and stopped immediately.

    My experience could be YOUR reality and that of many others with the number of industrial wind turbines slated to be built. YOU need to protect yourself, your family and your home.

    Thank you again Dr. Pierpont, Calvin, and many others who are working hard researching and educating, for caring and seeking justice for a crime that continues at great expense to others.

    Looking forward to life as it should be.

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